Are you interested in a creative portrait session? Maybe you're a musician in need of a new album cover, or an artist looking to show off the personality behind your work. Even if your vision isn't fully formed yet, I can help you round it out and capture your unique essence. Scroll for inspiration and let your imagination run wild.

Sessions start at $400.

^ meet Tré - baker, artist, and professional dancer. I met Tré at a mutual friend's wedding reception and it didn't take long to realize we were cut from the same cloth. this triptych is only a glimpse of the story Tré wanted to tell; one of grief, freedom, and inner fire.

01 / 07

^ meet Brooke - author, therapist, and spoken word artist, she writes poems about the intersectionality of her identities and performs them on stages far and wide. this series, titled Atonement, explores her resilient journey as a queer feminist in recovery.

^ meet Alex - painter and musician, she spent the last year in a monastery before moving to Tajikistan. this session explored the power of water and what it means to be cleansed.