The first time I was handed a camera as kid, it was like being given a superpower. I remember taking it with me everywhere I went and being utterly amazed by this thing that let me freeze time. Twenty years later, and I'm still madly in love with the magic of it all. From Africa, to Europe, to the remote villages of Haiti, this camera has seen so much!

Before starting my business here in San Diego, I was a photography teacher at a local digital media non-profit where I showed youth how to use cameras as change-agents. I later worked as a freelance photojournalist for the local San Diego newspaper, covering issues of indigenous injustice around the US-Mexico border. Check out my project, Sacred Remains, if you're interested in that :)

While the focus of my work has shifted to portrait, lifestyle and wedding photography, the fire in me that burns for social change is what gets me up in the morning. My passions lie at the intersection between advocacy, accompaniment and storytelling. That's why I love being a photographer.

~shooting style ~

Trust me when I say, I know how nerve wracking it is to be in front of a camera sometimes (why do you think I'm behind it so much?). That's why sessions with me are as warm and casual as my personality. Even if you hate getting your picture taken but just really need that headshot for work, I guarantee you'll be surprised by how quick, painless and fun a shoot can be.

Time-wise, we'll typically shoot until we feel good about what we got (I prefer not to give strict time limits so you'll never feel rushed or stretched) and then you'll be on your way.

~fun facts~

  • I'm originally from New York but bought a one-way flight to San Diego last year and moved here by myself on a random Wednesday
  • My favorite color is brown [which is definitely an unpopular opinion] but hey, someone has to like it
  • Grandparents are MY PEOPLE - I'm serious, you will make my day if you book a shoot with yours or bring them to our session
  • Rollerblading and poetry writing are my two favorite pass-times - though I've recently gotten into swing dancing!
  • I'm weirdly good at ping pong - like, undefeated-at-bars good? I don't get it either but we should play sometime
  • I firmly believe that sour cream is the best condiment and am not afraid to say that I put it on most of my food
  • I have a friend in the circus (yes, the actual circus) and she recently got me into trapeze - 10/10 would recommend
  • My faith is super important to me. Outside of doing photography, I work part time at a local college as a campus minister!
  • When I don't have a camera in hand, you can find me at the local open mic, farmer's market or rock climbing gym

a note about collaboration~

Like I said earlier, I'm all about working together. I'll never be offended if you send me photos for pose inspiration - in fact - please do! Send me your Pinterest boards, vision boards, and outfit options, and I'll help you determine what's possible with the location we're going to. The more you share about what you love and envision, the easier [and frankly, more fun] it will be to bring your vision to life together!